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Cross in the sun We are committed to empowering church leaders toward more effective ministry. We train innovative leaders with a passion to grow disciples of Christ, and provide resources, services, and networks to equip faithful and effective Christian ministries.

Our link with a national network of seasoned consultants puts decades of practical experience to work in your congregation. We help you find workable strategies for your congregation's challenges and opportunities.


As I look back over the last year since the consultation I am amazed. I believe that our time together has already been a catalyst for significant re-focus and renewal in our mission. Your time here helped us to better understand who we really are, where we need to go, and how we can get started down that path. We especially appreciate that you gave guidance and answers that arose out of our unique community and situation, not just answers that could be given to anyone anywhere.

To speak personally, the conversations we had before, during and after the consultation process have been catalyst for change and growth in my leadership of the congregation. The supportive challenges drove me to reflect on my inner thoughts and feelings about leadership, and to examine how I acted as a leader, to see if it lined up with what the mission really needed. I also have become much clearer about what my calling is here at FAITH, and how I can live that out effectively.

Thanks! For giving of your time, for being away from your family and for investing in ministries for the sake of Jesus and his kingdom, and for the people he loves. I appreciate you.

Peter Morin
Faith Lutheran Church
Golden, Colorado
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